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Carl Cattermole's diary from La Bestia (The Beast). Photos throughout by John Tsombikos.

"Train surfing - a preferred mode of travelling for rebel workers, surrealists, hobos and incandescent dreamers of which Carl is one. Full steam ahead through the shit!"
- Ian Bone

"Rife with railroading, trafficking, near stabbings, political and cultural dissection, improvised weapons and relentless sleep deprivation. These journal entries typed out on a cell phone in charmingly abrasive British slang remind North America how psycho it really is."
- Swampy

104 pages, laminated card cover, proper quality book by Calverts Co-op.

Jean Delarue - Diary Of A Squat (1989)

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This very rare and beautiful book details life at an autonomous homeless squat in South London. More info in this article for Freedom News. Now serialised by Resonance 104.4fm.

Retrieved from the 56a Archive, read and produced by Dorothy Spencer and Carl Cattermole.

If you'd like a copy of the poster pictured above please send an SAE to Dot+Carl, 56a Infoshop, SE17 3AE, UK

Dorothy Spencer - See What Life Is Like

Available here

Eighteen poems considering such everyday tragedies as addiction, loneliness, love, and bottled water from Lumpen editor Dorothy Spencer.

Read this article and this interview for more info.

Prison A Survival Guide

196 pages illustrated throughout by Banx (Private Eye). Contributions from female/LGBTQ+/addict/child prisoners and those who support them from the outside (Julia Howard, Jon Gulliver, Elliot Murawski, Lisa Selby and others).

"A mockery of our criminal justice system"
- Priti Patel MP

"Essential reading"
- Will Self

"When people say 'throw the book at them' this should be the book - it's amazing"
- Banksy

"Beautiful, heart-breaking, hopeful, humorous, and insightful. A must read for sociologists interested in how those placed on society's margins survive institutions and structures that, in many ways, aren't supposed to be survived. More than that, academic practice could learn a lot from this book; from its collaborative and caring spirit; to the connections it draws between sociality and survival and political economy and the carceral state; and, above all, its centring of the lives of those all too often erased from our sociological imagination"
- Sociological Review

"Incredibly poignant and insightful - should be mandatory reading for all prison officers and prison governors"
- British Society of Criminology

"The cult guide to British prisons"-
The Guardian

"Does not advocate a reform agenda... an invaluable resource"
- JM Moore

"Anyone that reads this will be better informed, more in touch with their loved ones, more likely to request a prison lawyer when faced with adjudication, more equipped for release and reintegration with society and so much beyond that: it has the potential to change a lot of peoples lives for the better"
- Daniel Godden (Criminal Defence partner at Hodge Jones Allen)

Justice Dark Ages poster

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A0 (841mm x 1189mm) poster featuring all 150 UK prisons... publicly-owned panopticons, ex-military barracks and futuristic warehouses that resemble Amazon warehouses for humans.

Designed by Joel Colover and Carl Cattermole. High quality CMYK print. For a further explanation of this poster check The Modernist (Issue 36).

Concerts Inside

BBC R4 documentary about concerts in British jails, including John Martyn, Olivier Messiaen, Dave and the Sex Pistols.

R4 pick of the week.

Presented by Carl Cattermole and produced by Rosie Bolton for Whistledown.

Sounds Inside

Prison Radio Association · Sounds Inside

Radio documentary about the prison soundscape of concrete, metal doors, tinkling keys, KISS FM and what it does to your mind. Recorded over the space of 24 hours in HMP Brixton.

Winner of Whicker's World Award.

Presented by Carl Cattermole and produced by Tom Glasser for Prison Radio Association.

Alistair Fruish - The Sentence

Live reading of a seminal piece of underground/working class fiction. Phenomenal, bizarre and as yet unpublished.

Read this review by Alan Moore and Carl Cattermole for Minor Literatures.

The Closure of HMP Holloway print

Erika Flowers's painting of London's recently closed female jail features politicians and property developers carting money off one way while prison vans take the women even further away from their communities. Sarah Reed sits in the clouds while NHS workers escape on a drone that was used to fly drugs over the fence.

Available from her website.

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